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Thanks for your interest in Communal Table.

We accept personal essays, photo essays, illustrations, fiction, video, and audio clips. As long as it fits with the conversation we’ve got going, we’re game to listen. We read every submission, but it may take a few weeks for us to get back with you. Because we value paying our contributors, some months we may only publish one or two submissions. We would rather support a few hard-working artists with a real paycheck than be subject to the unfortunate trend of posting “content” for free. The idea with Communal Table is to slow down, chew on things, listen, reflect, digest. Many publications are struggling right now with the conundrum of how to pay their contributors a fair wage, so we’ll see. Wish us luck!


We work with each writer and artist to pair stories with recipes. That said, it is not necessary to submit recipes, and all recipes are thoroughly tested by us. We reserve the right to change them to fit the Communal Table style. Our recipes are little stories unto themselves, and they comprise a simple repertoire for cooks looking for inspiration to get more people around their table.

Burning Questions or Dire Confessions

If you’d like to submit questions about cooking, dining, daydreaming, or life, or if you’d like to make a dire confession to a cook who is good at listening amid the bustle and clanging of a busy kitchen, please contact me at I am no therapist or high priestess of molecular gastronomy, but I do think the kitchen is a great place to hash things out.


For editorial submissions, please contact

Visual content

For submissions related to visual content, please contact Please put the header “visuals” in the subject line.


We fund this site through intimate dinners that are curated around each issue. As well, we have a handful of goods that we sell in order to add to the pot. We only sell products that we ourselves use, and the artisans who craft these products share our ideals of slowing down and valuing quality over quantity. These are goods that make any table a ceremony.

We do not accept advertising for any reason at this time.


There is delight in being at this table together. Pull up a chair and stay for dinner. We can swap stories.

All best,

Adrian J.S. Hale



Upcoming Submissions

Issue 7- Winter 2017 Coversubmissions due by August 2016

Issue 8- Spring/Summer 2017 Hitsubmissions due by January 2017

Issue 9- Fall 2017- Out– submissions due by June 2017


These upcoming conversations are still being explored. We don’t know when they will run, but please feel free to join in. Maybe your submission will push something to the forefront for upcoming issues:

  • Confession
  • Sensation
  • Invasion
  • Picky
  • Lost
  • Tender
  • Isolation
  • Change
  • Search
  • Dressing
  • Shot
  • Shame
  • Junk
  • Green
  • Vessel
  • Hunger
  • Building