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Communal Cookies ~Walnut-Cacao~

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We try to avoid sugar whenever possible. Why? It’s true that sugar has health ramifications that few foods can rival. Sugar is a pitfall of the modern diet; it’s everywhere and in everything. But honestly, that’s not why we avoid it. At Communal Table we believe in diversity, and sugar is simply not a diverse food source. It’s a monocrop that’s riddled with backhanded politics. That aside, we noticed that other sweeteners get barely a nod, and they’re pretty interesting in and of themselves. Our goal with these recipes is to create treats that celebrate the whole range of foods that tempt our palates with sweetness. These are not mere “replacements”. They stand alone.

None of the Communal Table cookies have an ounce of refined sugar. We only use honey from local beekeepers, well-sourced maple syrup, or organic dates to sweeten these treats. This means that many of the cookies will fit into paleo, raw, and vegan diets. But to us, we just believe that all people deserve real food that both delights and nourishes.

This walnut-cacao cookie is the result of a collaboration with Avi Byer from Senseer Medications (he also happens to be one of our photographers). His goal is to make comestibles he can infuse with cannabis that will help people with medical conditions avoid opiates. He broke his back on a mountain biking expedition and as he was  healing, he noticed a dearth of edibles created with health and wholeness in mind. We helped him develop this recipe, and in turn, he honed these addictive little indulgences to share with you. These that we sell do not contain cannabis (he’s working on it), but are the perfect treat to eat alongside whatever you’re smoking.

Ingredients: organic medjool dates, organic walnuts, raw cacao powder, raw cacao butter, cinnamon, sea salt, and a touch of espresso.

*One order gets you a dozen cookies.


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