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Communal Table for a Year

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Join us at the table for a full year! With this subscription, of sorts, you get the full collection of our recipe books for 2017. Plus, we love searching for goods that make the table a celebration, and you’ll be the one we shower with our finds. We’ll periodically send you gifts throughout the year to bring you closer to the Communal Table. It might be a special spice we curate or a recipe we stumble upon or a little something else to add flourish to your table or heft to your kitchen. You’ll also get exclusive access to discounts for our meals and other seasonal goods.

As always, the funds we raise go to paying the writers, photographers, and artists who contribute their works to the site.

You get:

  • A welcome-to-the-table gift.
  • Four Communal Table recipe books as they are released.
  • Special packages from the Communal Table throughout the year.
  • The great gift of knowing that there will be an ad-free place to celebrate food, art, conversation, and thought at the table.

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