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Valentine’s Dinner: a poem, an onion, and three dark hearts

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Join us for a Valentine of sorts…Not a red rose or a satin heart…but a poem by Carol Ann Duffy and a meal inspired by her words in the poem Valentine. We’ve created a menu centered on the “fierce kiss” of an onion.

Come sit around our Communal Table for this four course dinner celebration that will raise money for our site to pay artists, writers, and poets who contribute.

Date: Friday, 2/10
Time: 7pm-10pm
Place: Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon, 815 SE Oak St, Portland, OR 97214
Capacity: 24 guests
Price: $55/guest


Our menu

Starter: crostini with cheese and woodsy onion jam and an Adonis aperitif

Salad: citrus with pickled onion and herbs

Main: bloody piece of meat served with an onion kiss of mujadarra and a side of beets with winter greens & onion cream

Dessert: caramelized onion upside-down cake

*Wine pairings will be available at the event for $30/person, curated by winemaker Michael Claypool


It sounds AMAZING (as I know your Communal Table meals usually are).
This is not a review, but rather a question: WHERE will this dinner be held?


Thanks, Klaus! I changed it.


Will there be a vegetarian option? Pretty Please?


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