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We at the Communal Table believe in the real world. Yes, we’re part of the virtual one, but we try at every turn to keep it real in every way. For that reason, we wanted to make books you could hold in your hands, use in the kitchen, get all stained up and fall in love with. Our aim with these mini-cookbooks is to stand by your side in the kitchen, teaching you how to make this or that, but also delving into some conversation along the way. As is the case with all of our goods, the money we raise goes to running the issue and paying the writers, photographer, and artists who make it all happen.

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Join Us for an Upcoming Meal

Our model is simple. In order to keep this virtual table alive and well in the real world, we host dinner parties inspired by each issue. Nothing fancy. Just a place to come together, enjoy a hearty meal, and share in lively conversation. Each intimate meal raises funds to pay these talented folks to continue the conversation online.

Your Kind Donations are Welcome

Everyone who contributes to Communal Table is fairly compensated for their work. We want our table to be pleasurable, but we also want it to be a place that nourishes the people who sit here. Communal Table pays every writer, photographer, illustrator, and artist who shares a piece of their lives. With your kind contribution to the Communal Table, you're putting money forth for the pure enjoyment of food, art, conversation, and thought.

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